Terms and Conditions

EbishFX is taking advantage of its human resource capacity to handle tricks in FOREX and trade on behalf of clients with assured positive net monthly Return On Investment (ROI). Per experience, the system/strategy adopted yields 20% -100% profit monthly depending on current market condition.

1. EbishFX does NOT handle clients’ money. The client will be taught how to make a deposit on a broker’s platform. Password to the deposit/ withdrawal section of the client’s account is known to the client alone meaning he alone can withdraw funds from his account.

2. EbishFX will have access to the trading section of the client’s account but can neither withdraw nor make a deposit.

3. At the end of every month, the client is supposed to give 30% of the profit to EbishFX whilst the client keeps the remaining 70% as his own. EbishFX refuses to trade for you if you refuse to pay the 30% after profit is made.

4. Minimum investment: $300

Note: Ghanaians and foreigners can all participate.

Please do not subscribe if you do not agree to the above terms and conditions or if you have not read the risk disclaimer.

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